Over the past decade, air-source heat pumps have become increasingly popular for home heating, with Mass Save now offering a $10,000.00 rebate on conversions. With this transition, we also see a rise in the prevalence of hybrid heat pump water heaters. Hybrid heat pump water heaters pair well with an air source heat pump, but can also be installed on their own to reduce utility costs and decrease your carbon footprint.

The Technology Behind Hybrid Heat Pumps

Hybrid heat pump water heaters leverage a dual operation that merges the efficiency of heat pump technology with the dependability of traditional electric heating elements. This innovative combination enables these water heaters to extract heat from the air, showcasing a high level of energy efficiency. Additionally, to address periods of elevated demand or colder ambient temperatures, a backup electric heating element kicks in, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of hot water.

Advantages of Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters:

Hybrid heat pump water heaters can offer you and your home several benefits, including:

  • Energy Savings: By relying on ambient air heat, hybrid heat pumps can achieve energy savings of up to 60% compared to traditional water heaters.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Lower energy consumption translates to a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Safety: Hybrid heat pump water heaters do not create exhaust. Because of this, there are no concerns about maintaining a chimney for venting or about carbon monoxide and other flue gas backing up into the house.
  • Longevity: Hybrid heat pump water heaters come with a 10-year warranty on the tank, as opposed to the 6-year warranty that comes with most standard electric or fossil fuel tanks.
  • Ability To Be Financed: Hybrid heat pump water heaters can be financed using Mass Save’s 0% interest, 84-month HEAT loan program
  • Incentives: Hybrid heat pump water heaters qualify for a $750.00 instant credit from Mass Save and a tax credit for 30% of the job cost, up to $2,000.00.*

Considerations and Best Practices

Ensuring proper installation is paramount for achieving optimal performance. It’s essential to provide adequate space around the unit to facilitate air circulation and maintain efficiency. Additionally, regular maintenance, including the cleaning of air filters, is imperative to ensure longevity and sustained efficiency of hybrid heat pump water heaters.

These innovative water heaters represent a significant stride in the quest for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly water heating solutions. Soon, they are poised to become the exclusive water heating option eligible for financing through Mass Save’s 0% interest, 84-month HEAT loan program.

With the substantial incentives available, the installation of hybrid heat pump water heaters is often remarkably affordable and can yield a quick return on investment. For additional information or to obtain a free estimate, please contact us today at (508) 272-7880.

*$750.00 Mass Save credit requires an active electric account with a participating utility company.